Vegan on the Go


What is vegan on the Go?

Vegan on the Go is a campaign organised by the Vegan Society. It’s aim is to encourage companies to visibly offer more vegan options.

What are Wyre Forest Vegans doing?

We are contacting small and local restaurants and cafes and asking them to consider their vegan options.

This includes:

  • Giving out guides to help make vegan catering easy.
  • Leaving calling cards to leave behind in the places we’ve been to. One card thanks the proprietor for offering vegan options, the other politely requests they they add vegan options to their menu.
  • Providing ‘vegans catered for here’ window stickers.

Where can I find out more?

For more information about the campaign, please visit the Vegan Society website.

To get involved locally, please contact us.